Luke Solomon's Unfinished Business Volume 1

Confidently striding into his third musical decade, Luke Solomon's influence stretches far and wide across a scene that has been embedded in his DNA since the early 90s.

Luke Solomon's Unfinished Business Volume 1 Photo by Jerome Slesinski
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Confidently striding into his third musical decade, Luke Solomon’s influence stretches far and wide across a scene that has been embedded in his DNA since the early 90s. Now harnessing that wealth of experience and unmatched passion for music, Solomon presents his next undertaking, positioning himself as the DJ/shop assistant/curator you always dreamt about.  
Unfinished Business is the latest step for Luke Solomon; a mix album for his kaleidoscopic talents that gives him the chance to highlight what is still the bedrock of his extraordinary career: being behind the turntables and digging out those records you really should be listening to but might have missed in the avalanche of background noise.
Along with his recently re-launched Business As Usual: Live from the Washhouse radio show, Unfinished Business will see Solomon acting as informed selector for all your musical needs.  A mixture of Classic and material external to the label, Unfinished Business sees Solomon distilling his wandering sets, the conclusion of a honest belief that his years of experience should sit as a reason for – not against – reviving pure, DJ mixes.
A mixture of new and old records, Solomon has put an impressive amount of thought into the selection process, meaning this is much more than simply a collection of today’s ‘hottest’ tracks.
“It has been interesting to watch dance music do almost a full circle over the last two decades” says Solomon “so as well as showcasing newer, more contemporary house I also wanted to include music from my past that has translated to present day. Take OBX ‘It’s All We Know’: this has become a sought after classic and I was lucky to be able to re-issue it, along with Sundowners ‘Jungle Line’ which will soon be re-issued along with new mixes on Classic. From the new school, Circle Jerks ‘Inkswell’ was a real favourite choice; the kind of track that gets under your skin, but when translated to a night club environment, really starts to mess with your mind. The idea behind the series and radio show is that I will be your slightly odd, slightly off-centre, guide” says Solomon. “But ultimately and most importantly, your friendly on-line record shop assistant.”

Luke Solomon's Unfinished Business Volume 1
Release date 25th May 2014
Label Classic Music Company

01. Luke Solomon's Unfinished Business Mix Part 1
02. Luke Solomon's Unfinished Business Mix Part 2
03. The Hue 'The Calling' (Luke Solomon Remix)
04. Tooth Faeries 'Dust and Ashes' (At the End of Madness Version)
05. Nacho Marco 'Midnight Man' (Dub)
06. Inkswel featuring Wouda 'Circle Jerks'
07. Cassio 'Riding On A Train In Brooklyn' (Railroad Mix)
08. Twinpeaks 'Not That Tech House DJ Tool Dropped By Paris Hilton You Were Searching For'
09. Lou² 'Freaky' (The Freaky Mix)
10. James Curd 'Damage Is Done'
11. Brett Johnson & Dave Barker 'Broken' (Brett Johnson's Bang The Box Remix)
12. Luke Solomon & Roual Galloway featuring Cassio Ware & Vangela Crowe 'Dance With Me' (Wild Mix)
13. Nail 'Optimus'
14. Oneiro 'Oneiro Say - Shhh!' (Slide On The Wild Side)
15. Sundowners featuring Mystic Bill 'Jungle Line'
16. OBX 'It’s All We Know' (Trippin’ On Air) (Positive Science Remix)
17. Luke Solomon 'Heading For A Breakdown' (House mix)          
18. Carter Bros 'Run' (Monty's Bonus Beats)
19. Matthew Styles 'Galaxy 21'
20. Dan Beaumont 'Trippy Pumper'
21. Inland Knights 'Blacklands'
22. Crooked Man 'Take It All Away'
23. Honey 'The Acid Test' (Knights Of The Hunted Royal KY Jelly Mix)
24. Luke Solomon featuring Natalie Broomes 'Say Something' (People Stamp Your Feet) (Yoruba Soul Mix Parts I & II)
25. Boe & Zak 'Looking For Love' (The Organ Grinder Remix)
26. DJ Nature 'Let It Ring'
27. Mikey V 'Freaks'
28. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka 'Come Together' (Neville Watson Remix)
29. Toddla T Sound 'Acid'
30. Matthew Styles 'Dominion'
31. Floorplan 'Baby, Baby'
32. Luke Solomon 'You Rest Easy' (Extended 12 Inch Mix)

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