Love Magnetic by Moullinex

Next up on definitive indie dance and freestyle electronic music label, Gomma is a two-tracker by album artist Moullinex.

Love Magnetic by Moullinex Photo by Nian Canard
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Next up on definitive indie dance and freestyle electronic music label Gomma is a two tracker by album artist Moullinex. It is the producer’s first new material since the Flora album at the end of 2012 and comes just ahead of him remixing for Royksopp & Robyn and The Penelopes, whilst his next artist album is also in the making.

Moullinex is a producer & DJ based in Lisbon, Portugal who has been closely related to this label for the past four years. He has an innate ability to fuse together myriad musical influences and that lends his productions a rich vein of musicality and originality. He is also the co-owner of the much lauded Discotexas label.

First up, ‘Love Magnetic’ is a summer party anthem that will be enjoyed by everybody who hasn't fallen or already fell in love with the Moullinex sound. A heavy bassline. A straight beat. Some jazz chords and Luis Clara Gomes' inimitable sweet and deep singing… what more could you need to make for a huge summer smash? Nothing, that’s what.

The flipside ‘Time and Tide’ is disco going psychedelic. Made up of nicely roughshod percussive rattles and cute little synth blasts to start, it soon gets beefed up by some heavy kicks. Grubby synth lines then come in from down low, as melodies begin to shine up top. After an epic and spine tingling breakdown at the mid point, complete with 80s sounding tinkles on the Casio, things drop once more and surge off into dazzling disco territory.

These are two straight up jams that more than whet the appetite for the forthcoming Moullinex album and will surely win the man many more fans in the process.

Moullinex - Love Magnetic
Release date 13th June 2014
Label Gomma

1. Love Magnetic
2. Time And Tide

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