Love Life EP by Saqib

Saqib makes his Abracadabra debut this month with the trippy house Love Life EP.

Love Life EP by Saqib Photo by Abracadabra
Endless Possibilities

With releases via Flying Circus, Sol Selectas, Magician On Duty, and Dream Culture, NYC-based Pakistani artist Saqib's sinuous tracks have now made themselves at home on BLOND:ISH's ABRACADABRA imprint. Collaborating with CUE label mates Bryant Jensen and Biiro, as well as New York lyricist CERN, the Brooklyn-based DJ and producer deliver four quirky cuts in the shape of the Love Life EP.

Love Life is an Ep that I wrote for ABRACADABRA during the pandemic after I started doing streams for Abracadabra TV every Sunday (for my show Love Jams). It ties into the whole love jams concept and all these tracks are in some way about love. Viv (BLOND:ISH) would tune into my show and she would be like "damn that's a dope track" and over time that's how each track made it onto the release. The EP includes tracks made with my childhood close friend Biiro, and also Bryant Jensen and CERN. And "She Was A Love Burglar" features myself on vocals; it's got a real Summer vibe that one.

Rumbling low-ends, stirring vocals, and glitchy samples fuel the warped "Crow", before "Cupcake is bakin'" opens up a blend of rolling basslines, glistening stabs, and acute hats. Next, the menacing "Kick It Like This" harnesses tumbling drums, compressed lyrics, and sharp snares ahead of the closing track "She Was A Love Burglar". Here, shuffling percussion rides rich tones and twisted harmonies in this intricate finale.

Saqib - Love Life EP
Release Date May 2022

1. Saqib - Crow feat. Biiro
2. Saqib, Bryant Jensen - Cupcake is bakin' feat. Cern
3. Saqib, Bryant Jensen - Kick It Like This feat. Cern
4. Saqib - She Was A Love Burglar

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