LBR Records presents LBR-002

LBR Records shows off the talent of its roster with a five-track various artists compilation, LBR-002, that brims with electro and techno brilliance.

LBR Records presents LBR-002 Art by LBR Records
Endless Possibilities

Opening up the EP is Mantra Mantra boss and Hamburg native 11Schnull. He has released on Jensen Interceptor's International Chrome and Planetaria and has been immersed in music for 25 years. His "Whistles of Weezy" is a turbo-charged techno cut. Rave energy, serrated synths, and rock-solid kick drums twist and turn with real angst and are sure to blow up the club.

York Hamza & Daao hail from Yerevan and Armenia respectively. The former runs the Mulraum events series and searches for utopian mysticism in his music. The latter grew up around jazz mixtapes and brings that sensibility to his sounds. Their visceral "53DUC710N" features warp speed drum programming that voyages to the stars. The serene pads add to the futuristic feel of this most perfect electro-techno fusion. Copenhagen's Rasmotron has DJed as Inspectah Scratch since 1994. He has a ghetto tech sound and was the first Detroit-style booty DJ in Europe. During the lockdown, he started his new Rasmotron alias. "M32" is perfectly dark and dystopian. The hits slap hard, the bass booms so much it will rattle walls, and the caustic synths add tension next to the unsettling sounds of a baby crying.

Cyan85 hails from Eastern Germany and brings diversity to the electro scene. His sound drifts effortlessly from soulful and warm sun-drenched anthems through to in-the-red robotic slammers, which is the case here. The brilliant "Bass In My Mind" is another full-flavor electro track that is both emotive and physical. It has bristling breakbeats, long-tailed pads, and a cosmic feel that takes you to another world entirely. sin:it:sin started his musical journey as a drummer in a rock band but has since made numerous styles of music. Now he has honed in on a unique mix of IDM, electro, and techno. His "How To Be Old" has the most thoughtful atmosphere of the EP thanks to the meaningful chords and wistful leads, whilst powerful drum work and warped acid ensure the energy stays high.

Various Artists - LBR-002
Release Date September 2021
Label LBR Records

1. 11Schnull - Whistles of Weezy
2. Daao & York Hamza - 53DUC710N
3. Rasmotron - M32
4. Cyan85 - Bass In My Mind
5. sin:it:sin - How To Be Old

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