Lately feat. Leah Rose by Classmatic, Prok | Fitch

Classmatic launches his new label Organic Pieces, in a collaboration with Prok | Fitch and Leah Rose for the release of Lately.

Lately feat. Leah Rose by Classmatic, Prok | Fitch Photo by Organic Pieces
Endless Possibilities

Undeniably an exciting up-and-coming talent who broke through in 2022, Brazilian DJ/producer Classmatic had a year to remember and one that has already seen him become a hot topic amongst the scene’s leading names. With releases on Hot Creations, Cuttin’ Headz, Solid Grooves Raw, and Revival New York, alongside his first US and European shows amongst a wealth of dates across South America, his 2023 looks set to be even bigger as he gets ready to launch his own label, Organic Pieces. Created based on an idea of sharing organic pieces with originality and authenticity, late January welcomes the imprint’s first release as he partners with fellow Hot Creations and Solid Grooves signees Prok | Fitch and London-based singer/songwriter Leah Rose for "Lately".

For some time, I’ve been working on an idea that would extract the best in myself and others in the pursuit of art, and after a few years, it brings me pleasure to present my new label, Organic Pieces.

Title track "Lately" sees Brazil and the UK collide, delivering a bubbling, infectious production fusing slick metallic drums and a snaking bassline beneath Rose’s impactful vocals, before switching things up with the Terrace Mix and injecting an abundance of energy via driving low-ends and shuffling percussion. To close, Classmatic and Prok | Fitch unite once more for "Next To Me" - a trippy anthem drawing on minimal-leaning influences and delivering a heads down, hands up late-night groover.

Classmatic, Prok | Fitch - Lately feat. Leah Rose
Release Date January 2023
Label Organic Pieces

1. Lately feat. Leah Rose (Original Mix)
2. Lately feat. Leah Rose (Terrace Mix)
3. Next To Me

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.