Kramnik presents Dark Matters Remixes vol. 3

The third edition of the popular remix series arrives and this time with a stellar trio of remixes from Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano, and Monika Kruse.

Kramnik presents Dark Matters Remixes vol. 3 Photo by Kram Records
Endless Possibilities

Smoke is rising from the Kramnik fires once again. A new album is on the way. Following on from his widely acclaimed debut album, “Dark Matters” the record that was named ‘Album of the Month’ in Future Music's Special 20th Anniversary Edition, the wildly talented and distinctive producer is flexing his muscles on the album format once again. With the record set to drop towards the end of this year, Kram Records now present an apt prelude with the release of “Dark Matters Remixes Vol 3.”

The third edition of the popular remix series arrives as the Spanish producer arrives back in Berlin having spent the winter working on the upcoming album in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The record will see Kramnik, an ever-evolving artist, moving into yet another different direction with the promise of shorter songs, more vocals, more melodies and a less dark and techy aesthetic. There will also be a curious electronic-blues fusion in the mix too, but further details on the album are being held close to the chest for now.

In the meantime, we revisit “Dark Matters” once again; this time with the stellar trio of remixes Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano and Monika Kruse. Swedish techno stalwart Cari Lekebusch is up first, delivering an uncompromising, dancefloor focused reinterpretation of “Flex.” From the thunderous opening of the kick drum until the very end, this remix is as relentless as it is intoxicating. Sucking the listener into its eerie, mechanic underworld, the track retains all the energy and drive to hold the heaviest of warehouses long into Sunday morning. Alexi Delano runs the intriguing line between slinky, minimalism and dark, brooding techno with his stripped back version of “Harmuk.”

There’s a wonderful subtlety to his rework, injecting the original with a warmer, more melodic sentiment whilst keeping plenty of power and richness in the bottom end. It’s a brilliantly unique remix that manages to take Kramnik’s work into yet another completely different direction. Electric Avenue and Terminal M boss Monika Kruse is the last to add her touches to Kramnik, turning “Schrizo” into a rolling strut with plenty of personality. The addictive groove and cut-up vocal FX make this a perfect afterparty jaunt that will keep parties alive in any situation.

Kramnik - Dark Matters Remixes vol. 3
Release date 22nd June 2014
Label Kram Records

1. Kramnik - Flex (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
2. Kramnik - Harmuk (Alexi Delano Remix)
3. Kramnik - Schrizo (Monika Kruse remix)
4. Kramnik - Harmuk (Original mix)
5. Kramnik - Schrizo (Original mix)
6. Kramnik - Flex (Original mix)

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