KD Raw 002 EP by Kaiserdisco

KD Raw 002 EP is the second outing on Kaiserdisco's new imprint called KD Raw.

KD Raw 002 EP by Kaiserdisco Photo by Vitali Gelwich Photography
Endless Possibilities

Jet Stream kicks off KD Raw's second round, with Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck in fine, flowing, uplifting, juxtaposing form. Putting an invitingly impish riff to the front of expansive CPU minimalism, a dainty flicker darts and twinkles through vast volumes of German dance history - so either lower your head down or look to the heavens.

Ten Commandments is a classic swish of deep techno to bow down to. With foot hard on the gas and pistons cranked up by a loop sharpening its claws like Wolverine flexing into a pair of white gloves, the mechanical, metallic scenery comes with a bracing drift and discreet funk running through it.

Kaiserdisco - KD Raw 002 EP
Release date February 2015
Label KD RAW

1. Jet Stream (Original Mix)
2. Ten Commandments

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