Kaputt.wav Vol. III - The Bonfire by Kaputt.wav

Bogota’s Kaputt club offshoot, Kaputt.wav announces Kaputt.wav Vol. III - The Bonfire featuring Iñigo Vontier, Theus Mago, Mytron, and more.

Kaputt.wav Vol. III - The Bonfire by Kaputt.wav. Art by Kaputt.wav Art by Kaputt.wav

Boasting a range of local talent such as "Calypso Records" label boss Iñigo Vontier, "Duro" co-founder Theus Mago and "Hard Fist Records" head honcho Tushen Raï and Neskeh, "The Bonfire" serves up a plethora of unique music rooted in the darker realms of disco and electro.

Iñigo Vontier sets the tone with a glitched-out, mind-bending cut in "Prado". Alejandro Paz, Nuclear Digital Transistor & Kabinett explore the musical spectrum further with the percussive, punchy "Monolito", while Tushen Raï & Neskeh's "Tsé Tsé" and Mytron's "Más Ramas" blur the line between techno, disco, and electro.

Drifting from the psychedelic, tripped out sounds of Scadta & The Virginia Valley's "The Sky Is Empty" to the more energetic, sonic "Camina Conmigo" from Alvaro Cabana & Julian Sanza, this melting pot of talent makes for a dynamic EP.

Kaputt.wav is the record label of Bogota's Kaputt club, a venue at the heart of the city's underground scene as well as playing host to occasional international DJs such as Bradley Zero and Moscoman. Musically, the label is a melting pot of discoid, electro-influenced dancefloor music that, to date, has won plaudits from the likes of Sean Johnston, Terr, Jennifer Cardini, and more.

Various Artists - Kaputt.wav Vol. III - The Bonfire
Release Date December 2021
Label Kaputt.wav

1. Iñigo Vontier - Prado
2. Alejandro Paz, Nuclear Digital Transistor & Kabinett - Monolito
3. Tushen Raï & Neskeh - Tsé Tsé
4. Mytron - Más Ramas
5. Theus Mago - Rumores
6. Alvaro Cabana & Julian Sanza - Camina Conmigo
7. Scadta & The Virginia Valley - The Sky is Empty

Written by: Mathias Haegglund
Published: Jan 7, 2022 at 07:00