Journey by Birds Of Mind

Birds Of Mind end their year with Journey, a magically mellow new album on Kindisch.

Journey by Birds Of Mind Photo by Kindisch/Birds Of Mind
Endless Possibilities

Birds of Mind is made up of Paris-based duo Alex H. and Adrian C. Alex studied filmmaking in NYC and picked up a passion for electronic music while traveling the globe. He now spends half his year DJing on the island of Mykonos and is inspired by being close to nature. Adrian was born into a Venezuelan family of classical music artists, studied the violin and piano at the Conservatory of Paris then made his way into musique concrète. Together they compose music that is electronic but nourished by the exploration of organic sounds and ancient chants. Birds Of Mind will return to Get Physical in 2022 after debuting there in 2019, but before that comes this immersive new album. It is a spiritual, peaceful, and loving record with a very natural presence.

"Birth Of The Phoenix" opens up with four minutes of ambient pads and swirling, wordless vocals that are immediately soothing. The deliciously deep and delicate "Mindgame" sinks you into a heartfelt house groove, and dubby cut "The Tree of Knowledge" is embellished with intoxicating vocals, found sounds, and plenty of natural sonic details. "La Maison Bleue" is clean and elegant, with celestial melodies lifting your spirits before cosmic ambient piece "It's Me" brings lush layers of synths to take you ever higher.

The second half of the album plays out with the floating grooves and expressive Spanish vocals of "Wing Flapping," romantic late-night house and deft instrumentation of "Dropping Seeds of Life" and the melancholic lullaby that is "Inside Your Head." Deep bass and intoxicating jazzy sax define the supple "The Void Between Us" and "Finale" closes down with gorgeously optimistic chords, cosmic motifs, and glassy melodies that beam down from the heavens.

Birds Of Mind - Journey
Release Date December 2021
Label Kindisch

01. Birds Of Mind - Birth Of The Phoenix
02. Birds Of Mind - Mindgame
03. Birds Of Mind - The Tree Of Knowledge
04. Birds Of Mind - La Maison Bleue
05. Birds Of Mind - It's Me
06. Birds Of Mind - Wing Flapping
07. Birds Of Mind - Dropping Seeds Of Life
08. Birds Of Mind - Inside Your Head
09. Birds Of Mind - The Void Between Us
10. Birds Of Mind - Finale

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