Ironside by Specter

Chicago house legend Specter lands on Angis Music this summer with the release of Ironside.

Ironside by Specter. Photo by Angis Music Photo by Angis Music

Samuele Pagliai's Angis Music has been thoughtfully curated with deep and groovy electronic music that will test time; sporting a young, yet impressive portfolio, Angis Music returns faithful and strong with a new EP from the lush imagination of Chicago veteran Specter.

Hailing from Chicago, Specter has certainly established his connection with the city as an esteemed producer and DJ alongside the likes of Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman, Omar S alongside Traxx, Darryn Jones, and others. Inspired by UK techno in the 90s, he was deeply connected with Sound Signature records and artists and so began a collaboration with the team and boss Theo Parrish, releasing "Pipe Bomb" in 2010, "The Gooch EP" in 2013, and Rolling Stones-acclaimed "Build To Last" album in 2018. Alongside that strong connection, he founded the Chi Deep House label Tetrode Music. Specter's sound brings the real Detroit balance between soul and heavy industrial nuances, stemming from soul, and disco to deep house and techno.

Entitled "Ironside", and inspired by a late 60s crime drama, The EP embraces a dense three-track journey catered to premium lovers of deep house and cavernous techno grooves spanning from jazzy and romantic, to funky and moody. Pressed on Vinyl with love and boasting exclusive artwork by Serbian talent Floating Bastard, electronic music selectors should not hesitate on this beautiful wax presentation.

Specter - Ironside
Release Date June/July 2022
Label Angis Music

A1. Integrated Circuit
B1. Wesley Shuffle
B2. Heavy Barrel

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jul 11, 2022 at 07:00