Invocation EP by Filtergeist

US house and techno imprint Loot Recordings welcome India's Filtergeist with a set of outstanding original tracks with their remix counterparts.

Invocation EP by Filtergeist Photo by Aditya Prabhu
Endless Possibilities

The Invocation EP sees Filtergeist, aka Aditya Prabhu, deliver three original tracks while Innvervisions' INVŌKER, All Day I Dream's Roi Okev, and Silence Path supply remixes. Title track "Invocation" opens the EP in mesmerizing style with drifting chimes, washing soundscapes and distant voices sat on top of a bassline which asserts itself throughout. INVOKER's remix of ‘Invocation' channels the hypnotic aesthetic of the original but takes a less organic approach with tough, filtered synth tones providing a counterpoint to the soft melodies and vocals.

"Deja Vu" follows and shows Prabhu's knack for providing immense detail and otherworldly yet organic sounds while keeping one eye firmly on the groove. Roi Okev, an artist who has also cropped up on Little Helpers, delivers a moody, heavier interpretation which brings the drums and bottom end to the forefront while teasing just the right amount of melodic ebb and flow.

"Wisterian Waves" closes out the EP with undulating, pacy toms and rich, textural toplines while Silence Path reworks it into a playful, heavily organic piece of trippy funk.

Filtergeist - Invocation EP
Release Date July 2020
Label Loot Recordings

01. Invocation
02. Invocation (INVŌKER remix)
03. Deja Vu
04. Deja Vu (Roi Okev remix)
05. Wisterian Waves
06. Wisterian Waves (Silence Path remix)

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