Inversus Totalis by Rigopolar

Mexican artist Rigopolar mints the new label Tour De Infinite with a standout new EP that explores rugged analog disco.

Inversus Totalis by Rigopolar Photo by Tour De Infinite
Endless Possibilities

Manuel Castaneda a.k.a. Rigopolar is now based in Miami. He mixes up Italo, disco, techno, and wave music on labels like Duro, Aeon, Nazca, and Tom Tom Disco. He is a mainstay of the dark disco scene and always takes dance floors on a trip through space and time with his rough-edged but majestically melodic sounds. His new label will be a place for his most comprehensive musical statements yet, and the first offering is an instant classic of the genre.

Opener "Purple Drive" is an expansive astral disco cut with sweeping guitar riffs and dazzling disco-fried synth work. It's chuggy and packed with stylish reverb and a well-treated vocal. Next is the twinkling "Inversus Totalis", which melts swaggering and dubbed out drums with twitchy synths into a sleek and far-sighted dance floor destroyer in the mold of ALFOS. The brilliant "Melting Moon" is another dark disco gem that is quick to lock you in with its tinny percussion and rugged arps. They're backed with coarse hits and a pulsing bassline that forever forges forwards through the stars. "Saturnia" closes down with mind-melting synth loops and prickly hits. The drums are firmly rooted, while splashy cymbals and vocoder vocals add that deep space feel.

A second EP is already in the works for later in the year and is sure to confirm this is an essential new label for dark disco heads.

Rigopolar - Inversus Totalis
Release Date April 2022
Label Tour De Infinite

1. Purple Drive
2. Inversus Totalis
3. Melting Moon
4. Saturnia

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