Interview with Moguai

We hooked up with Moguai to talk about how it all came to be, the We Ar Lyve album, the new mix compilation Lyve from Beta, defining one's own particular style, and what the future holds in store for the ever so prolific Moguai.

Interview with Moguai Photo by Moguai
Endless Possibilities

What got you into the music industry? Are there any specific people that really influenced you to become an artist?
It was the start of electronic music in the early 90s that got me into the music industry. Before that I heard a lot of handmade music from Skatepunk to Psychobilly to Ska. I felt that same energy in dance music and this revolution in the air. That was my main indicator for starting making music! One of my best friends, Phil Fuldner, helped me to become a DJ. He showed me how it works mixing two records together.

Musically, it was bands and singers like: David Bowie, New Order, Hüsker Dü, Depeche Mode, The Cure or German punk-bands like Die Toten Hosen, Slime... to name just a few!

What are some of the biggest changes in the industry that you have noticed in your time in it?
That was definitely the invention of Mp3. That changed everything. As that came up, we all jumped directly from the analogue into the digital world, and music was, from that very moment, reachable everywhere. No more vinyl, no more tracks which only you could play.

Do you feel you’ve come a long way since you first started out?
Yes, but I feel like it’s just the beginning ;)

What was it like having your music draw the attention of Deadmau5?
Oh that was great and such an honour for me. I sent him over just one track without any other remix and he signed it directly. Just awesome! This is how it started. Later on I heard that he looked for someone who was similar to his style, but in a different way! Now I'm happy that I'm this guy and in such good surroundings with Joel, Skrillex, Feed Me and SOFI.

Tell me about having your album “We Ar Lyve” be released on Mau5trap.
That´s just awesome. I have been in this business for 15 years and have done like 30 singles, but never an album. When I came together with mau5trap, and they were looking for an album I couldn't believe it, because I already had this album in my pocket. This is how it should work, being in "The Lyve" and doing things in that very moment. This is how I produced it and how it came out!

What are your favourite aspects of playing a live show?
The audience! For every artist it’s the most important thing to have feedback for what you are doing! That’s why we all make music. I always take this feedback back in my studio and put it in my new tracks!

Do you feel that you do things that set your shows apart from other artists? What are the things that set your shows apart from others?
I think every artist has to have his own style. I name my style "emotional, vintage, techno, electro, punkrock". I know that this is a wide range, but when I play live or a DJ set, that all comes together as one. Namely "The MOGUAI Style".

In addition, I play every venue differently, because every venue is different and has different people. But by the end of the night they all get a good musical conversation with me, and hopefully had a blast. That is what makes the difference.

Most of the tracks I play are my own productions and remixes, which I did for other artists. Because they are mine, I have the whole audio parts so I can mix a bassline from one track, with the melody from another, and add this to the drumming of the third one... and at the end, I have created a new track.

Will you be dropping any new tracks at this show?
Definitely. I´ll play some unreleased tracks, which will come out on my next album, and is planned to be released this autumn and also my newest remixes for Afrojack, Underworld and Britney Spears.

Do you feel that the show at this venue will stand out from other shows?
For sure! We are in Vegas and I'll have my own singer Fiora with me. With her I did my new single "Oxygen" for mau5trap, which is also on my currently released on the mix compilation "Lyve from Beta". When you hear her voice, you know, from the start that it's going to be special!

What are some of the most important things to do, during a live show?
Being aware of the audience and give them an awesome time! That's why they are all there and that's what matters, the crowd and the show!

What do you expect from this show? And what do you think your fans will be expecting?
Having a blast and the best début I can have in Las Vegas!

Kim Smith Guest Writer