Imizamo EP by Karyendasoul

Karyendasoul's Imizamo EP is a long-awaited release that shows why the South African is at the top of his game.

Imizamo EP by Karyendasoul. Photo by Universal Music Africa Photo by Universal Music Africa

To date, this young and dynamic artist has released on Defected's new label Sondela Recordings, had his tunes named Song of the Week on Apple Music, and collaborated with the likes of Black Coffee. He has played all around South Africa and served up a number of cult classic tracks in the world of Afro House while earlier this year he launched his label Karyendasoul Music. This new EP is a fantastic window into his unique musical world.

For the opener, "Imizamo", Karyendasoul links with BlaQRhythm and features Teezy musician & Nana Atta to cook up the sort of magical house track South Africans are known for. The vocals tug at the heartstrings, the chords bring a sense of optimism, and the organic drums and percussion lock you in for the ride. Maline Aura is the featured guest on "Amagama", and it is another mutual mix of majestic piano playing, soft drums, and earthy percussion that casts an entrancing and emotional spell.

"Control" with Sun-El Musician and featuring Priscilla is seven superbly atmospheric minutes of late-night house. The chords are warm and diffuse, the gentle patter of drums a fine accompaniment to the pensive chords. But it is the angelic, soulful vocal of Priscilla that really ensures this one packs an emotional punch. Lastly, the deep rolling but spiritually awakening lead single "Imali" is a lush fusion of warm chords, cosmic keys, and tribal vocals that elevate mind, body, and soul.

Karyendasoul - Imizamo EP
Release Date November 2021
Label Universal Music Africa

1. Imizamo
2. Amagama
3. Control
4. Imali

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Nov 22, 2021 at 11:51