I Never Wear Black EP by Adam Port

Keinemusik co-founder Adam Port presents his upcoming I Never Wear Black EP. Set for release on the 24th of April 2015.

I Never Wear Black EP by Adam Port Photo by Keinemusik
Endless Possibilities

Next up from Berlin’s Keinemusik comes a sweltering new track from label co-founder Adam Port. Having amounted a pretty impressive back catalogue over the last few years, his creative moments are still anything but predictable with his latest EP showcasing a completely new sound.

Set for release on April 24th ‘I Never Wear Black’ is an upbeat and infectious track. Twisting metallic sounds with driving guitar loops and tribal shakers, the percussive offering is a nod to Ports personal love of Progrock and Balearic beats.

“E Sound Edit” on the flip presents a similarly warm feeling. Aiming for an analogue grip Port implements all the cracks that come naturally when carving out a piece of music. With hot-blooded Latin samples, swinging keys and recurring looped guitars this track is set to heat up dance floors worldwide with its vibrant immersive sound.

Adam Port - I Never Wear Black EP
Release date 24th April 2015
Label Keinemusik

A: I Never Wear Black
B: E Sound Edit   

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