I Forgot My Family by Delos

London based duo Delos drop an uplifting single on Francesca Lombardo's Echolette Records including remixes from Lil'T, Lenny Dee, and Andrea Crestani.

I Forgot My Family by Delos Photo by Echolette Records
Endless Possibilities

Delos is a London based duo combining the talents of Marc Dolley and Denise Fadigati who together create a blend of house and disco guided by transcendental rhythms. After debuting with a remix of Francesca Lombardo's "Rain" from her "Life Of Leaf" album in 2019, they released their first single in the same year on Echolette Records that picked up support from Pete Tong on his Radio 1 show and Nemone on 6 Music.

They now return on Francesa Lombardo's Echolette label with the follow-up single featuring remixes from Pillow Talk's Lil'T, Echoe regular Andrea Crestani, and Industrial Strength founder and New York native Lenny Dee who is considered by many to be the first hardcore techno DJ in the city.

"I Forgot My Family" kicks things off with heart-warming chords, gentle vocals and dreamy guitar strings that progress harmoniously throughout before Lil'T's "More Order remix" featuring Chas Bronz features spiraling synths, entrancing modulations, and punchy kicks that get the energy of the track flowing.

Lenny Dee's remix is a hypnotizing masterpiece that patiently develops. The meditative rhythms balanced with the captivating atmospheres invites you in from the start until Andrea Crestani's interpretation rounds off proceedings with breaks-tinged grooves and rolling melodies sitting underneath the main vocal delightfully.

Delos - I Forgot My Family
Release Date 31st July 2020
Label Echolette Records

1. I Forgot My Family
2. I Forgot My Family (Lil'T More Order feat. Chas Bronz Remix)
3. I Forgot My Family (Lenny Dee Remix)
4. I Forgot My Family (Andrea Crestani Remix)

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