Hypnotic Dub by PAWSA

PAWSA returns to Solid Grooves Raw with the aptly titled Hypnotic Dub.

Hypnotic Dub by PAWSA. Photo by Solid Grooves Records Photo by Solid Grooves Records

An artist known by many as one of the most consistent talents in the scene, PAWSA's purple patch looks set to stay as he continues to serve up heat via his own PAWZ imprint, plus Solid Grooves and sister imprint, Solid Grooves Raw. Returning to the latter in style, mid-winter welcomes the release of his latest single, "Hypnotic Dub".

A murky and winding cut, "Hypnotic Dub" combines wicked low-slung basslines with razor-sharp metallic drum shots and silky garage-tinged leads to reveal a slick and punchy production destined for dark, bustling dancefloors.

PAWSA - Hypnotic Dub
Release Date November 2021
Label Solid Grooves RAW

1. Hypnotic Dub

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Nov 23, 2021 at 12:00