Hypersaw Vakzin 2 - A Medical Themed EP by DJ Real Madrid

Swiss artist DJ Real Madrid debuts on 0x01 Records, featuring five experimental cuts entitled Hypersaw Vakzin 2 - A Medical Themed EP.

Hypersaw Vakzin 2 - A Medical Themed EP by DJ Real Madrid Photo by Nils Lucas
Endless Possibilities

Tillmann Ostendarp, a.k.a DJ Real Madrid, was raised in the Swiss alps between cows and trees. After living in Berlin, Amsterdam and Zürich, he returned to his tiny hometown to live in a wooden cabin equipped with a music studio. In addition to being a trained jazz trombone player and drummer, Tillmann plays synthesizers and drum machines as part of the live Electronic Duo "Skiclub Toggenburg", known for their machine-only minimal live sets. They have recently released a record on Berlin-based LOK recordings.

"Hypersaw Vakzin 2 - A medical themed EP" results from fast musical globalization during the pandemic times. 2 Medical Professionals and an author were part of this Trance- and Hypersaw-infused Production, as they spent time with DJ Real Madrid and talked about problems in our medical world. Segments of those conversations were recorded and used as a base of the Tracks. The EP is an outlet for the anger about the patriarchal structures in our medical system and signals some hope that the vaccine might save lots of lives and bring us our nightlife back.

Kicking off with "Candida Albicans", which fuses syncopated, organic rhythms, entrancing leads, and choppy vocal samples before "Womanizer 2 Rabbit" lays focus on Gqom-tinged grooves, fizzing modulations, and heavenly pads that sit wonderfully underneath. "Xoxo RNA" is a one-minute trance snippet featuring uplifting synths whilst "mRNA" delivers distinct, breaky drums and unorthodox, detuned melodies. "Inselspital eifach" extraordinarily rounds off this experimental selection of tunes with resonating kicks that shimmer in unison with the rapturous fx and spiraling 303s.

DJ Real Madrid - Hypersaw Vakzin 2 - A Medical Themed EP
Release Date July 2021
Label 0x01 Records

1. Candida Albicans
2. Womanizer 2 Rabbit
3. Xoxo RNA
4. mRNA
5. Inselspital eifach

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