Hung Drawn and Slaughtered by Force Mass Motion

Legendary UK rave/hardcore/breaks pioneer Force Mass Motion drops a dynamic breakbeat cut entitled Hung Drawn and Slaughtered via his eponymous label, FMM.

Hung Drawn and Slaughtered by Force Mass Motion Art by FMM
Endless Possibilities

Force Mass Motion, aka Mike Wells, was instrumental in many of the UK's nascent scenes, notably of the UK Rave, Hardcore, and the early 00s nu-skool breaks movement. Wells has been producing music since 1989 and was discovered by Colin Faver, who ran the legendary 90s label Rabbit City Records. Throughout the 90s, Force Mass Motion took the scene by storm, releasing a string of records on the catalog before launching his self-titled imprint, and continued to release music prolifically.

Force Mass Motion's latest single, "Hung Drawn and Slaughtered" showcases his prowess for producing powerful dancefloor anthems as the twisting synths and zappy melodies bounce smack bang off the belting breakbeats throughout the cut.

Force Mass Motion - Hung Drawn and Slaughtered
Release Date September 2021
Label FMM

1. Hung Drawn and Slaughtered

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