Humbula by ADJUMA feat. Sazi Cele

Dutch artist ADJUMA steps up on the Connected label with the fantastic new afro house package, Humbula, featuring Sazi Cele.

Humbula by ADJUMA feat. Sazi Cele Art by connected
Endless Possibilities

Until three years ago, ADJUMA was mostly making music for others as a ghost producer. As time passed, he grew tired of working in the shadows and not enjoying the process so began his solo career. "Creating my own sounds in my studio is what I live for," he says. "I get excited when I see people enjoying what I've been cooking. Adding different flavors to spice it up and see how it turns out feels like the ultimate satisfaction to me." He brings a wide range of ideas to his tunes as this new package proves.

The brilliant "Humbula" opens up with a dusty, windswept percussive groove that is punctuated by a phased bassline. The stylish vocals of Sazi Cele twist around soaring melodies as the hypnotic rhythm constantly shrinks and expands to a hypnotic affect.

"AYEYE" is layered with warm arpeggiated pads and louche finger drums are layered over an easy groove. Once again Sazi's vocal pleads and then erupts into the chorus as the sublime chords heighten the whole effect.

"Werede" is powered by big, heavy kicks and shimmering shakers. Pulsing walls of dramatic drones are joined by depth-charged bass notes and after the drop comes to a staccato synth, earthy congas, and vocal calls that reach out for salvation. It is a stirring closer that is packed with emotion.

ADJUMA shows off his serious studio skills and innovative Afro-house sounds on this excellent release.

ADJUMA feat. Sazi Cele - Humbula
Release Date April 2022
Label connected

1. Humbula Feat. Sazi Cele
2. AYEYE Feat. Sazi Cele
3. Werede

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