Heart Healers by Leo Guardo & Ketzale feat. Nomvula

Leo Guardo steps up to connected for his debut release on the label and is joined by Afro-tech newcomers Ketzale from Israel and South African vocalist Nomvula.

Jul 4, 2022 - 07:00
Heart Healers by Leo Guardo & Ketzale feat. Nomvula
Art by connected
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Leo Guardo is an Italian-born DJ, producer, and sound engineer currently living in Melbourne. He has been making moves for 20 years after establishing himself in Italy. He has worked on several professional productions across music, television, and radio and is currently signed to labels like Orianna Music, MoBlack Records, and King Street Sounds. Leo's unique style brings a fusion of tech, deep, and house grooves infused with Balearic, tribal and ethnic elements. Here he links with Nomvula, who has worked with labels like MoBlack and brings real authenticity, as well as exciting new talent Ketzale.

The superb "Heart Healers" is a deep and hypnotic Afro-house mover underscored with droning bass synths and angelic keys. Nomvulas's emotive vocals are sung in Zulu and yearn for "The Heart Healers" to help and look after the people in times of great hardship. Leo then steps up to add his solo reinterpretation which still has the emotive vocal atmosphere but is propelled a little more to the floor with pulsing sequencers and added hi-hat drive to build drama. An instrumental is also added for more groove-based pleasures.

Leo Guardo & Ketzale feat Nomvula - Heart Healers
Release Date June 2022
Label connected

01. Heart Healers
02. Heart Healers (Leo Guardo Reinterpretation)
03. Heart Healers (Instrumental Mix)