G’s Juiced Up? EP by Mr. G

Renowned house and techno producer Mr. G joins the No Idea's Original roster with four exceptionally powerful house cuts.

G’s Juiced Up? EP by Mr. G. Photo by Colin McBean Photo by Colin McBean

Hot on the heels of his fifth album, not to mention a year releasing on Bass Culture, Relative, Warm Sounds, Midnight Shift and Defected - Colin McBean aka Mr. G is a producer that needs little introduction.

Leading the way, ‘Can’t Stop?’ sees Mr. G merge an infectious vocal with rumbling bass, raw drums and a murky oscillating synth before ‘4am NYC Download (TS Version)’ introduces a subtle melody as a cacophony of hats join a distorted soulful vox. Crunchy percussion and a moody hook then form ‘Make Me Mad’ before concluding the package with a twisted reimagining titled ‘Make Me Dub!’

Mr. G - G’s Juiced Up? EP
Release Date 27th January 2017
Label No Idea's Original

1. Can’t Stop?
2. ​4am NYC Downlow (TS Version)
3. Make Me Mad
4. Make Me Dub!

Written by: Evlear Magazine