Groove by NightFunk

NightFunk makes his label debut on Solid Grooves Raw with his latest single, Groove.

Groove by NightFunk Photo by NightFunk
Endless Possibilities

Rising talent and emerging fixture within Europe's bubbling tech-house sphere, NightFunk burst onto the scene earlier this year following a string of releases via notable leading labels coupled with his Beatport chart-topping remix of "Pump Up The Jam". Up next, November welcomes a debut appearance on Solid Grooves Raw as he steps up to deliver the deliver his latest single, "Groove".

Combining raw, loose percussion arrangements and tripped-out vocals alongside escalating electronics and rumbling low ends, the punchy "Groove" welcomes a moody roller ideal for both peak-time sets and early-morning afters alike.

NightFunk - Groove
Release Date November 2020
Label Solid Grooves RAW

1. Groove

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