Great, unforgettable tracks from the past - part two

There are many great, unforgettable tracks from the past that re-awakens emotions, feelings, and memories. Some bad, some good but more importantly they've all stood the test of time. This is part two of the series.

Great, unforgettable tracks from the past - part two Photo by Dale Brooks

1. Björk - Jóga

Björk's "Jóga" is one of those tracks that mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Its meaning is widely debated. According to some sources, the song in a way describes her (Björk) homeland Iceland and compares it to her state of mind.

2. Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar

Emmanuel Top's "Turkish Bazar" has very distinctive lyrics "The music was new, black, polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night" used in "Turkish Bazar" were written by Jim Morrison of The Doors fame. These lines are originally cited by the man himself in the poem "Black Polished Chrome", which appears on the Doors-LP "An American Prayer". There the poem continues with the (quite fitting) words "The DJs took pills to stay awake and play for seven days". 

3. X-Dream ‎- Radio

X-Dream's ‎"Radio" is just one of the tracks on the outstanding "Radio" album released in 1998, which is revered and celebrated Goa Trance, Psy-Trance which sort of defined the genre as well as split into two. The track "Radio" is a dark, forceful piece of music hardly seen these days with matching morphing and twisted lyrics.

4. Pharagonescia - Pharatropic

Pharagonescia's "Pharatropic" is the true definition of a one-hit-wonder in the Goa Trance community back in 1996 when it was picked up and featured on the "Destination Goa - The Second Chapter" compilation along with a lot of other gems. The soundscape is intense and unrelenting with beautiful melodies crisscrossing all over the place. Imagine a beach filled with people dancing at sunrise along with a giant sound system and you've hit the nail on its head, perfectly.

5. Leftfield - Release The Pressure

Leftfield's "Release The Pressure" from their debut album release "Leftism" definitely is one of those tracks that have no definition or similarities with other tracks within the genre. It stands firmly on its own and holds its own when compared. The whole album is filled with gems like this one.

6. Underworld - Dirty Epic

Underworld's "Dirty Epic" is lyrically the most entertaining read you'll ever have and its delivery by Karl Hyde is poetic, hypnotic, and special to say the least. A fusion of many different things makes up this track that has no comparison. If you want to explore more, then listen to the album "Dubnobasswithmyheadman" from the beginning till the end, it is that good and then you will most likely put it on repeat a few more times.

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