Goodbye EP by The White Shadow

The White Shadow (aka Anthony Godwin) authors the next chapter in Chapter 24 Records captivating story. The Goodbye EP on Chapter 24 is perhaps his finest work to date.

Goodbye EP by The White Shadow Photo by Chapter 24 Records
Endless Possibilities

Born with a techno soul, this fast rising artist blends melodic beats with an incredible variety of influences which have seen him rapidly signed to Crossfrontier Audio, Tenampa, Chilli Mint Digital and Einmusika.

First up comes Station. A straight up banger of the purest kind, it pulses forward relentlessy as an arpeggio weaves around a chunky, repeating bassline. Blippy, twisted melodies are introduced and it’s game, set and match... a surefire winner.

Next on the EP is Come On, another banger... this time taking us on a melodic voyage. Combining old school hip hop, electro and futuristic references into a unique and cohesive whole, this piece builds hypnotically around another arpeggiated synth. Once in the break, an evil jazz-influenced melody unfurls and the sub takes hold, taking us home.

Finally it finishs on a peak, with the eponymous Goodbye. Dark, menacing, deliciously dramatic and technically accomplished - a fitting end to an impressive and forward thinking EP. The story moves on apace.

The White Shadow - Goodbye EP
Release date 3rd August 2015
Label Chapter 24 Records

1. Station (Original Mix)
2. Come On (Original Mix)
3. Goodbye (Original Mix)

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