Ghost by Ellen Degenerate

Booo! Ellen Degenerate makes a spooky debut on Repopulate Mars this October.

Ghost by Ellen Degenerate Art by Repopulate Mars
Endless Possibilities

Ellen Degenerate's debut for the Los Angeles label is the result of a ghostly demo appearing in the Repopulate Mars inbox, from a mysterious artist with no information other than the words "Happy Halloween".

With the holiday just around the corner, Ellen Degenerate turns in a season-appropriate banger, offsetting creepy vocal samples with an airy carefree chorus. Rumbling under the vocals are the sort of addictive basslines and rock-solid grooves that Repopulate Mars is known and celebrated for, making this the perfect Halloween anthem for years to come.

Ellen Degenerate - Ghost
Release Date October 2020
Label Repopulate Mars

01. Ghost (Edit)
02. Ghost (Extended)

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