Get Down by Pig & Dan, Siavash

Spanish pair Pig & Dan and Canadian artist Siavash debut on Get Physical Music with two new tracks produced alongside Siavash.

Get Down by Pig & Dan, Siavash Art by Get Physical Music
Endless Possibilities

Pig & Dan have been shaping the underground for 20 years on labels like Crosstown Rebels, Bedrock Records, and Truesoul. Over seven albums and more than 100 tracks and EPs they have done all shades of house and techno. Here they team up with Siavash, a famously eccentric, 25-year veteran of the Canadian electronic music scene and the man behind the You Plus One label.

The chunky "Get Down" opens up with hefty drums and warm, cavernous bass. Muffled vocals swirl about the mix as the tumbling percussion peppers the groove and keep you locked. Stylish chords eventually break out to bring soul and cosmic charm as this emotive yet physical cut plays out.

The brilliant "Try Again" is a perfectly zoned-out roller for 3 am. The twinkling keys and the angelic vocals, the swirling pads, and the rushes of warm synth all make for a comforting and escapist house track that oozes emotion.

Pig & Dan, Siavash - Get Down
Release Date January 2023
Label Get Physical Music    

01. Pig & Dan, Siavash - Get Down
02. Pig & Dan, Siavash - Try Again

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