Fresh Talent EP by Ben Murphy

British producer Ben Murphy makes his South Of Saturn debut with Fresh Talent EP.

Fresh Talent EP by Ben Murphy Photo by South of Saturn
Endless Possibilities

Following releases on the likes of Green Velvet's Relief and Vele's Whoyostro, Murphy lands on Lee Foss' South Of Saturn this December with the Fresh Talent EP - a three-tracker of rolling, vocal-tinged house grooves.

The title track on "Fresh Talent" boasts a combination of tweaked-out, heavily swung percussion and visceral FX that sail around hooky vocals that bring memorable energy to proceedings. "Can You Feel It", which sees airy and reverberant vox phrases nestled amongst filtered snare rolls and trippy percussive flourishes, follows with a heads-down yet memorable funk.

"House Ingredients" closes with classic Rhodes stabs weaving between a grooving bassline and rocking drums with the occasional spoken word samples puncturing the track, delivering classic house tropes in a refreshing style. Lee Foss' A&R skills are on point yet again with this South Of Saturn debut for an artist clearly on the rise.

Ben Murphy - Fresh Talent EP
Release Date December 2020
Label South of Saturn

01. Fresh Talent
02. Can You Feel It
03. House Ingredients

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