Where sound and wine come together

Their wines receive all the Harmonic Sound Frequencies and Good Vibes that come from their Sound Studio where Artists come and play to the wine bottles.

Where sound and wine come together Photo by Frequency Winery
Endless Possibilities

It has all started when Tony Lewis, the founder of Frequency Winery, decided to settle down and try something new. In Kelowna, the gateway to Okanagan Valley, Canada, where he and artists around the world play music for the wine bottles he produces. 

But how did he come up with the idea?
Tony explains: "Musician, traveling, many air mattresses, and then babies came along. At that point, I decided I wanted to stop living on an air mattress. One thing led to another, started a winery, we hired cool people. I find cool people, they usually play music. We’d go in lunchtime jam sessions. We started pulling out wine from all the barrels as we’d play and everybody would take the barrels next to the drum set. They tasted better. And we realized that the barrels next to the drum set were much more clear. The vibration was making the sediment in the wine settle to the bottom more quickly than the others. So, that’s when it went, click, we should open a new winery with a recording studio in it and just record bands all day long and drink wine. And it worked out! Five hundred bands have recorded in our studio. All for free. And they’re not paying for it, and they get this feeling of gratitude, and that’s really what we’re trying to do. We infuse the wine with the vibrations".

The recent making is a wine called "Thanks, Mom". It’s a heavy-oaked chardonnay that comes in a box with a handle. Tony describes how it is produced: "Full-cluster press the grapes, they then go directly into the barrel, and what you do, you stir it, just like miso soup, reintroduce the sediment into the wine. It tastes like Sour Patch Kids. So, every time you reintroduce that into the wine, it gets more and more fruity".

Tony is are all about sharing. In the winery’s offer, you can find "Grateful Vine" and the story behind it is that the wine once froze and he thought it was completely wasted but with the help from his friends they racked it out into another tank, and after that, it tasted great. This is when he decided they would make champagne-style wine and it’s all to express their gratitude to the people that helped them start the winery.  

"Just before you drink it, just think of something you’re grateful for, then drink it" - Tony says. His partner adds: "We’re really spreading the intention of gratitude to everyone that walks through that door. We surprise them, and we actually gift them with a second bottle, so that they can give it to someone they are grateful for, and then it has that ripple effect of just spreading gratitude".  

Don’t you just want to give them all a big, big hug? 
So, if you happen to visit the area, don't forget to stop by, support them, and pass the love!

To see more about the Frequency Winery and their special way of producing wine, take a look at the Netflix series "Restaurants on the Edge" and the episode "Okanagan Valley" or visit the link to their website below.

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