Found by Anthony Nicholson

Anthony Nicholson teams up with Brandon Markell Holmes for Found on Toucan Sounds.

Found by Anthony Nicholson. Art by Toucan Sounds Art by Toucan Sounds

Chicago's Anthony Nicholson has a storied history in dance music. For decades he has been crafting some of the best house music around on labels such as his own Circular Motion and Infinite Audio, as well as on legendary imprints Prescription and Clairaudience, adopting a host of aliases along the way. Now landing on Brooklyn staple toucan sounds for his latest release, the DJ/producer links up with Brandon Markell Holmes for "Found" this summer.

Leading the release, the original mix of the title track "Found" sees Nicholson's lush production peppered with Markell Holmes' emotive singing, making for a dreamy vocal house cut. Stripping away the vocals, the Adlibstrumental Pass sees the instrumental elements take front and center for a welcome addition to the package.

Anthony Nicholson - Found
Release Date July 2022
Label Toucan Sounds

01. Anthony Nicholson & Brandon Markell Holmes - Found (Original Mix)
02. Anthony Nicholson & Brandon Markell Holmes - Found (Adlibstrumental Pass)

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jul 28, 2022 at 10:00