Forms of Multiplicity by Opuswerk

Geneva’s Opuswerk provides the second release on newly launched techno label Bipolar Disorder, with remixes from Inland and Antigone.

Jan 30, 2018 - 09:00
Forms of Multiplicity by Opuswerk
Photo by Opuswerk

Having appeared on Krill Music and Arts, as well as Dement3d (as HISS:1292 alongside Francois X), Swiss producer Opuswerk is a formidable name within today’s techno scene and has received regular support from names such as DVS1, Anthony Parasole, Peter Van Hoesen and Donato Dozzy. Joining the release on remix duties, Counterchange founder Ed Davenport adopts his Inland guise alongside a separate outing from Parisian techno stalwart Antigone to form a solid four-track techno package.

Syncopated drums and a rumbling low-end introduce the murky sounding "Extensum" as scintillating synths increasingly permeate the mix. Inland then reimagines it, introducing his recognizable polished percussion and deep atmospheric nuances.

"Spatium" uses otherworldly melodies and ominous effects for a mesmerizing aesthetic from start to finish until Antigone’s energetic reinterpretation twists and distorts the original to conclude the release in style.

Opuswerk - Forms of Multiplicity
Release Date
22nd January 2018
Label Bipolar Disorder

1. Extensum
2. Extensum (Inland Remix)
3. Spatium
4. Spatium (Antigone Remix)