Flowers From Your Grave EP by Keita Sano

Holic Trax has established itself as a respected, no-nonsense outlet for quality house and techno and that carries on here with a new EP from Keita Sano that comes on a limited edition run of colored vinyl.

Apr 30, 2015 - 14:00
Flowers From Your Grave EP by Keita Sano
Photo by Holic Trax
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Keita Sano is based in Okayama, Japan and has previously released on labels such as NYC’s Mister Saturday Night and Hugo Capablanca’s Discos Capablanca. Here he presents his latest single for the ever excellent Holic Trax in raw and excellent fashion.

Up first, ‘Flowers From Your Grave’ is a gritty number with tough drums, Detroit inspired pads and plenty of physicality in the groove. Crisp and dynamic, it’s a robust house cut, for sure. ‘Let’s Stay Together’ is a more party sounding offering with atmospheric ambience in the back ground as streaming Rhodes chords and organic percussion set a Moodymann style vibe front and centre.

Then comes ‘Night Walking’, which flips the script again, this time sinking down into a warm, propulsive deep house vibe with bold but soft edged chords, driving drums and engaging hand claps. Lastly, vinyl only cut ‘Exit’ is a prickly, raw and frazzled acid number with phased basslines, panning 303 squelches and plenty of wallop in its bones.

This is a fine EP that is sure to make a big impact on the dance floor.

Keita Sano - Flowers From Your Grave EP
Release date 1st June 2015
Label Holic Trax

Limited 12 inch colour Vinyls
A1. Flowers From Your Grave (T2 Edit)
A2. Let's Stay Together
B1. Night Walking
B2. Exit - Vinyl Only

1. Flowers From Your Grave (T2 Edit)
2. Let's Stay Together
3. Night Walking

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