First Phase by Truncate

Truncate celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a Luke Slater and James Ruskin Remix Package.

First Phase by Truncate Art by Truncate

Celebrating ten years of his vital Truncate imprint, David Flores aka Truncate recruits techno royalty James Ruskin and Luke Slater for a set of hard-hitting remixes alongside two of his own originals for the 22nd release on the label.

To celebrate this milestone it felt fitting to ask for remixes from none other than techno legends Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems and James Ruskin to make this release extra special

Operating under his Planetary Assault Systems alias, Slater turns in three remixes of "First Phase" across the EP, with each interpretation distilling his decades of experience into equally functional and engaging techno jams. Truncate's original mix of "First Phase" blends shuffling percussion, oscillating low-end, and tweaked out synthesis for a pumping, no-nonsense cut.

"The Eve" sees the Californian DJ/producer bring trippy leads, crunching claps, and tricky FX processing together for a mind-bending jam. Taking no prisoners, James Ruskin's remix is a no holds barred peak time track, marrying detailed stereo wizardry and rumbling bass with evolving modulations throughout.

Primarily an outlet for his own productions, Flores' Truncate has become a touchstone for quality, groove-based techno over the past ten years. While winning an army of techno fans, the label has also won plaudits from house DJs for its more jacking and groovy releases. Running parallel to the label's success, Truncate has also become one of the most bankable techno DJ/producers around, appearing on a broad range of well-regarded labels as well as regularly playing techno institutions like Movement Festival, Awakenings, fabric, Berghain, and many more.

Truncate - First Phase
Release Date October 2021
Label Truncate

1. First Phase (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
2. First Phase (Original Mix)
3. First Phase (PAS Jam 1)
4. First Phase (PAS Jam 2)
5. The Eve (James Ruskin Remix)
6. The Eve (Original Mix)

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