Figuras del Bosque EP by Mathami

The renowned German DJ/Producer DJ T debuts his work as Mathami on the Pura Danza label with the Figuras del Bosque EP.

Figuras del Bosque EP by Mathami Photo by Anna Wasilewski
Endless Possibilities

The new label and alias, Pura Danza and "Mathami" respectively, have legendary industry figure DJ T., aka Thomas Koch delving further into the Ecstatic Dance movement. Since its foundation around the millennium, an increasingly popular and musically diverse scene has grown that has its roots in spiritual and cultural practices that have been there since the 70s. The participants come together in ceremonial settings at daytime events to create protected spaces for a more conscious form of dancing. Having lain firmly outside club culture for many years, Ecstatic Dance has seen momentum in recent years, as the electronic music rave scene and the Conscious Dance community meet for the first time at plenty of new festivals around the globe.

The first release on Pura Danza lands throughout September and culminates in Mathami's "Figuras del Bosque EP". The EP sees Koch combine free-flowing rhythms, Panamanian tribal vocals, acid, eastern violins, and more, giving a keen insight into his vision of Ecstatic Dance.

To discover a whole new universe of musical styles through Ecstatic Dance was one of the biggest gifts for me as a music lover and DJ. In these spaces, we create for the dances, the utilization of different styles, rhythms, and energies of music come to a whole different level than in the Djing I have known before. Through Ecstatic Dance, I finally incorporated a truth that I had carried with me as a passionate dancer since my childhood: That dance and movement have a great transformational and healing power. With my new label and artist project, I want to illuminate the vast spectrum of styles that happen in the Ecstatic Dance world and beyond
Thomas Koch aka DJ T.

The opener "Figuras del Bosque" is built on driving percussion and Panamanian tribal vocals. The rhythms are loose and free-flowing as you are invited to dance with the mysterious spirits of the rainforest to the catchy marimba melody. "Nefelibata" combines a slow-moving Trap groove with a powerful eastern violin hook and crystal clear celestial bell sound. The record drops and returns with a funky acid sequence to lock in the dancefloor. Closer "Vaanikee" takes you on a temple dance journey with mighty and hard bouncing live drums layered with Indian percussion and tanpura strings to lead you into a euphoric crescendo of a bell symphony.

Thomas Koch, aka DJ T., has been at the heart of dance music for decades. He's a globe-touring DJ, journalist, Monza Club & Groove Magazine founder, Get Physical co-founder, and producer who has made everything from house to disco to techno with equal elan. This latest venture shows another string to his bow as Thomas Koch masterfully reinvents himself once again.

Mathami and Pura Danza mark the latest exciting chapter in the ongoing story of the one and only Thomas Koch.

Mathami - Figuras del Bosque EP
Release Date August 2021
Label Pura Danza


1. Figuras del Bosque
2. Nefalibata
3. Vaanikee

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