Falling In Love / Chic On That by Donny Rotten

London's Donny Rotten offers up Falling In Love / Chic On That in February via Eton Messy Records.

Falling In Love / Chic On That by Donny Rotten Art by Eton Messy Records

Hailing from the Luton and now currently residing in South London, fledgling young producer Donny Rotten has been unveiling his sample-heavy sound via labels like the infamous New York imprint Nervous, Basement Discos, his own Moody Gurl, and of course Eton Messy Records where he returns here with his latest two-tracker.

"Falling In Love" leads, seeing Donny deliver his signature style via swinging organic percussion, emotive samples of cinematic string, and swirling, filtered vocal line resulting in a feel-good, vibrant house cut.

"Chic On That" follows, again laying focus on dynamic organic drums while stirring in choppy bright piano chords, tension building strings, and twinkling piano melodies throughout, again resulting in a raw and contemporary twist on classic house tropes. 

Donny Rotten - Falling In Love / Chic On That
Release Date February 12th, 2021
Label Eton Messy Records

1. Falling In Love
2. Chic On That

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