Eyes Linger by Newem Feat. Curses

bORDEL Records welcomes back co-founder Newem for the second single of 2022 before his new album Moonpark drops in October 2022.

Eyes Linger by Newem Feat. Curses Photo by bORDEL Records
Endless Possibilities

Film and documentary soundtrack composer Newem already dropped "Blackmoon" in June to great acclaim. It showed off the signature solo sound of Sebastien Chenut - who is from acclaimed duo Scratch Massive - and now he is back, this time in collaboration with dark disco outfit Curses. The upcoming album will feature a further collaboration with Prudence and takes listeners ever deeper into a futuristic and melancholic musical world.

Berlin-based Curses blends new wave and post-punk into arresting and angular sounds that work a dance floor physically and emotionally. Working with Newem, the pair bring late-night energy, futuristic paranoia, and shimmering synth work to "Eyes Linger". A lurching, snappy beat rocks back and forth beneath edgy chords as the goth-tinged vocals bring the intensity. It's an artful snapshot of a dystopian world with poignant lyrics.

Newem Feat. Curses - Eyes Linger
Release Date September 2022
Label bORDEL Records

1. Eyes Linger

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