Exhale EP by Sinchi Music

Sinchi is a collective of musicians, producers, artists, and writers who, in their own words "were brought together in the search of truth through their chosen medium".

Exhale EP by Sinchi Music. Photo by Evlear Magazine Photo by Evlear Magazine

They make rugged machine music using all manner of analogue and outboard tools. ‘Exhale’ is their latest EP missive on new label Night Noise Music and is a stunning statement of intent.

Terrific opener ‘Aether Drift’ is a rugged machine work out with a tough arpeggiated bassline propping up organic, wooden sounding hand drums and tinkling percussive hits. Flabby and cosmic, it is a loose limbed disco groove that cannot fail to make you shake your rump.

The excellently captivating `Silicone Sweat’ is then much more aggressive and angst ridden, with slapping hits sounding coarse next to gurgling synth lines and shooting pads. This one is a crisp apoco-disco tune with sci-fi atmospheres and dark bass that all makes for a very physical experience.

The first remix comes from Romanian twins and Bearfunk pair the Gemini Brothers and they flip ‘Aether Drift’ into a more rubbery and rolling track. It is up tempo and littered with spooky intergalactic sounds as the slap-funk drums race on below. Always charging ahead, its robust arrangement really jumps out of the speakers.

Finally, FLVN tackles ‘Silicone Sweat.’ The result is a thoroughly deconstructed, wobbling, slo-mo disco churner with spooky moods and robo-grooves at its core. Heavyweight and muscular, it rounds out a brilliant modern disco EP that is sure to get hammered by those in the know this summer.  

Sinchi Music - Exhale EP
Release Date 14th September 2015
Label Night Noise Music

1. Aether Drift
2. Silicone Sweat
3. Aether Drift (Gemini Brothers Remix)
4. Silicone Sweat (FLVN Remix)

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Aug 28, 2015 at 05:05