ENAU Mixtape Vol.2: Winter

Sweden's Envelope Audio returns in late November with the second installment in its Mixtape series, this time around entitled Winter and showcasing material from DJ Lily, Tora Vinter, label boss Lioness, and more.

ENAU Mixtape Vol.2: Winter. Art by Envelope Audio Art by Envelope Audio

Tora Vinter leads with "Atrix", setting the tone via fluttering wind like synth tones, plucked synths, and ethereal chords. Tap Newo's "A Really Tall Building" follows, shifting focus to intricately modulating percussion, winding synth leads, and gritty bass with a subtly nuanced feel. Hans Berg's "Stream Stood Still" is up next, retaining a similarly hazy techno aesthetic courtesy of bubbling resonant tones, shuffled drums, and cinematic strings.

Following the well-received Pioneers EP this spring, we're excited to present to you the second edition of our Mixtape series. The ENAU mixtape series is another form of expression of Envelope Audio's musical vision, in the form of the mixed tapes that were exchanged between music loving friends in another space and time. The mixtape series is a collection of sounds that together create a journey through atmospheres and textures of emotions, and they each have their own theme. ENAU mixtape vol 2: Winter includes tracks that will accompany you through all the different experiences of the winter season, from the harshness and cold, to the meditative and dream-like states.
Envelope Audio

Formika's "1nes" kicks off the latter half of the package next, a high octane workout fusing off-kilter, glitched outbreaks with menacing bass and hypnotic vocal murmurs before BROR/LILIES founder DJ Lily's "Vildvittrornas Anstormning" keeps things moving with thunderous drums and an amalgamation of textural synth work. Lastly, to round things out, Envelope Audio's Lioness delivers "Slow Vibration", as the name would suggest bringing things to a conclusion via slowly unfurling melodies, elongated bass notes, and sweeping delays. 

Various Artists - ENAU Mixtape Vol.2: Winter
Release Date November 2020
Label Envelope Audio

1. Tora Vinter - Atrix
2. Tap Newo - A Really Tall Building
3. Hans Berg - Stream Stood Still
4. Formika - 1nes
5. DJ Lily - Vildvittrornas Anstormning
6. Lioness - Slow Vibration

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Nov 30, 2020 at 12:00