Empowering Sekhmet by Sounds Of Khemit

Sounds of Khemit continue to bring the wisdom of ancient Khemit back to life with a fantastic three-tracker.

Empowering Sekhmet by Sounds Of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit
Endless Possibilities

Sekhmet means nothing less than "she, who is powerful." The Egyptian deity is a warrior master, a master of healing and the destroyer of the enemies of the light, and she is the inspiration for the label's fourth thoughtful EP.

Swiss DJ and producer Dandara and percussionist, singer, and student of African rhythm G. Zamora kick off with "Bibacumbe." They combine European and world influences with "Bibacumbe," a deep groove peppered with rolling toms and Spanish vocals, infectious strings, and soulful synths.

Mexican Tanit is a real fiesta DJ who has landed on the likes of Go Deeva. Her immersive "Nomus" is an atmospheric roller with an airy mystic melody and rolling rubber drums. It's full of life and intriguing natural motifs that keep you hypnotized.

Lastly, the versatile VRuno is a music composer and multi-instrumentalist passionate about organic world music and slow techno. He impresses with "Birds", which has melancholic piano chords draped over the heartfelt drums. It's a heady track with a thoughtful mood that takes you deep into the night.

Various Artists - Empowering Sekhmet
Release Date March 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. Dandara & G. Zamora - Bibacumbe
02. Tanit - Nomus
03. VRuno - Birds

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