Dream On / Go To Sleep by Boblebad

Boblebad joins Badabing Diskos with a pair of musical house, indie, and disco fusions that come with a remix from Vinny Villbass.

Dream On / Go To Sleep by Boblebad Photo by Badabing Diskos
Endless Possibilities

Oslo-based creator Boblebad is an artist in every sense of the word. Blessed with an uncompromising creative vision, the producer, musician, painter, and visual artist has been a prolific contributor to the Beatservice catalog since arriving on the label in 2021. With an evolving sound that's impossible to pigeonhole, he's also released music on Eskimo, Full Pupp, and Paper Recordings. Now as he joins the Badabing Diskos family, he serves up a further selection of vibrant sounds.

"Dream On" has bubbling bass with echoing and flirtatious vocals. It is a superbly stylish and hypnotic disco house affair with cosmic chords smeared in all directions as the catchy grooves and hip-swinging claps lock you in.

Label boss Vinny Villbass remixes the second original track, "Go to Sleep", delivering a deep club diversion that is perfectly hypnotic. The original of "Go To Sleep" then closes out the package, a brilliant electronic indie lullaby for late summer insomniacs. It has sumptuous chords and sunny acoustic guitar riffs that bring an intimate and artistic feel to this most roomy and luxurious song.

Boblebad - Dream On / Go To Sleep
Release Date 26th August 2022
Label Badabing Diskos

1. Dream On
2. Go To Sleep (Vinny Villbass Diversion)
3. Go To Sleep

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