Don't Ask Me by Sissy Hank

Sissy Hank is a brand new coming together of three artists from Sicily who prefer to remain anonymous. Don't Ask Me is their notable debut on Rollover Milano Records.

Don't Ask Me by Sissy Hank. Art by Rollover Milano Records Art by Rollover Milano Records

First up is the title track, a deep-cut disco house tune underpinned by funky guitar riffs and fat, twanging bass. It's got subtle hints of sleaze but uplifting chords that keep it catchy. "And Play a Game" is another excellent mix of the electronic and the organic, with synths burrowing deep as neat guitar riffs and hip-swinging claps flesh out the lithe, strident groove. Add in some lo-fi vocals and you have a grown-up disco bomb. 

The dub version is more hard-hitting, with crisp snares and a more direct beat overlaid with paranoid vocal muffles. Last of all comes "Half An Hour" which utterly flips the script. It's a full-on house cut with rugged arps, warped synths, heavy filter work, and whirring machine sounds that will enliven any set.

"Don't Ask Me" is a varied EP that suggests Sissy Hank has a vast range of skills and sounds in their arsenal.

Sissy Hank - Don't Ask Me
Release Date June 2022
Label Rollover Milano Records

1. Don't Ask Me
2. And Play A Game
3. And Play A Game (Dub Version)
4. Half An Hour

Written by: Michael Kiechle