Don't Ask Me by Sissy Hank

Sissy Hank is a brand new coming together of three artists from Sicily who prefer to remain anonymous. Don't Ask Me is their notable debut on Rollover Milano Records.

Jun 25, 2022 - 09:23
Don't Ask Me by Sissy Hank
Art by Rollover Milano Records
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First up is the title track, a deep-cut disco house tune underpinned by funky guitar riffs and fat, twanging bass. It's got subtle hints of sleaze but uplifting chords that keep it catchy. "And Play a Game" is another excellent mix of the electronic and the organic, with synths burrowing deep as neat guitar riffs and hip-swinging claps flesh out the lithe, strident groove. Add in some lo-fi vocals and you have a grown-up disco bomb. 

The dub version is more hard-hitting, with crisp snares and a more direct beat overlaid with paranoid vocal muffles. Last of all comes "Half An Hour" which utterly flips the script. It's a full-on house cut with rugged arps, warped synths, heavy filter work, and whirring machine sounds that will enliven any set.

"Don't Ask Me" is a varied EP that suggests Sissy Hank has a vast range of skills and sounds in their arsenal.

Sissy Hank - Don't Ask Me
Release Date June 2022
Label Rollover Milano Records

1. Don't Ask Me
2. And Play A Game
3. And Play A Game (Dub Version)
4. Half An Hour