Dodo EP by Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz

Ian Ludvig returns for a second superb release on connected, this time linking up with Idd Aziz for a pair of majestic afro house tunes.

Dodo EP by Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz Art by connected
Endless Possibilities

Ian Ludvig has been at the forefront of the afro house charts for the last few years thanks to his richly infused grooves on labels like Radiant, MoBlack, and Wired. In a short space of time, he has emerged with his own fully formed sound and always manages to bring a wealth of new influences and inspirations to his music.

Here he works with Idd Aziz, who was already touring the world aged 15 and is one of Kenya's most accomplished vocalists and percussionists. He is passionate about ethnic and cultural music and its place in African society and is a proud representative of his Mijikenda culture. The lead single on this package is "Dodo", a style of dance from the Luo community in Kenya that announces the arrival of the tribe and invites celebration.

The fantastic-tune itself has a striding, powerful groove with big bass pads and a careful sprinkling of stabs from Idd Aziz. Marimba sounds and smart key changes keep the energy alive and ensure the various rises and falls mean you remain utterly enthralled while enticing vocals add further depth. 

The equally atmospheric and musical "Nature" has a pumping bassline overlaid with solid percussion that really drives on. Add in angular stabs, exotic flutes, and rhythmic bongos and you have a tune that transports you deep into forgotten landscapes and tropical jungles.

You can always be sure of high-quality, organic house sounds from connected and this new one from Ian Ludvig proves that once more.

Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz - Dodo EP
Release Date April 2021
Label connected

01. Ian Ludvig & Idd Aziz - Dodo
02. Ian Ludvig - Nature

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