Discover by Kolegos

Lithuanian duo Kolegos drop their debut release, Discover, on Spencer Parker's Work Them Records this summer.

Discover by Kolegos Art by Work Them Records
Endless Possibilities

Backed with a remix from label-boss Parker, the release sees brothers Genys and Matas Bernotas (Mountak) serve up a modern, arpeggio fuelled Italo infused banger "Dunda Ratai" that oozes funk and a subtle, low-tempo break cut "Tavo Tevas" that fuses electro with deep house and 90s electronica.

Parker, in fine and prolific form of late with releases for Work Them and He.Shey.They still seeing support, takes "Dunda Ratai" arpeggio and runs with it, creating a tightly wound and hypnotic late-night cut.

Kolegos - Discovery
Release Date July 2021
Label Work Them Records

1. Dunda Ratai
2. Tavo Tevas
3. Dunda Ratai (Spencer Parker Works Harder Remix)

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