Defected Presents: House Masters - Mike Dunn

Defected Records welcomes Chicago legend Mike Dunn into the prestigious list of House Masters with this incredible compilation.

Defected Presents: House Masters - Mike Dunn Photo by Jos Kottmann
Endless Possibilities

Charting Mike's impressive career that spans over three decades, this 40-track collection features classics from Mike's catalogue alongside newer hits from the Windy City native, while exploring the aliases that made him a hero of the underground like MD X-Spress, MD III and The Jass Man.

With his unmistakable voice forming the hook of many of house music's best-loved records, his dynamic use of the spoken word landed him right at the frontier of hip-house. Shifting moods throughout his vast and ranging catalogue, navigating from jacking acid, to classic techno, right through to soulful brooding house and groovy US garage, Mike's ever-intuitive production makes him a recognised authority on quality dance music. 

I'm extremely happy and grateful to be releasing all my work spanning over my thirty-year career in House under one umbrella. I never in my wildest thought I would have my own House Masters. I guess I've Dunn something right in my music life.
Mike Dunn

Highlights from the compilation include some of Mike's best-known hits like dancefloor weapon "God Made Me Phunky", the gloriously salacious "Phreaky MF" and late 80s classic "Face The Nation". Also exploring the more underground elements of his catalogue like the funk-fuelled 1995 "Oh Midnight' and bubbling, sunshine soaked "Work Da Groove' (produced under his and Gershon Jackson's Sonic Boom Society alias) this House Masters compilation represents the depth and breadth of Mike's colossal catalogue. Whether you're a dedicated follower of his thirty-year career or dipping your toes into his discography for the first time, this curated selection of his finest moments is the definitive collection.

Defected Presents: House Masters - Mike Dunn
Release Date 6th November 2020
Label Defected Records

1. Mike Dunn "If I Can"t Get Down" (Mousse T.'s Funky Shizzle Extended Mix)
2. Mike Dunn "Natural High" (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX)
3. Mike Dunn presents Ruff N'Stuff "Strike It"
4. MD X-Spress "God Made Me Phunky" (Original Mix)
5. Mike Dunn presents Mr. 69 ‎"Phreaky MF" (Mike Dunn's Phreak MixX)
6. Mike Dunn presents MD III "The Pressure Cooker" (M.D.'s X-otic Klub Mixx)
7. Mike Dunn featuring MD X-Spress "DJ Beat That Shhh" (Extended MixX)
8. Mike Dunn "So Let It Be Houze!"
9. Gershon Jackson "Take It Easy" (Mike Dunn Blackball Ezee Mixx)
10. Mike Dunn presents Tha RC Groove Project featuring Ron Carroll "He"s Gonna Make It Alright" (MD'z Original Recipe Vocal Mixx)
11. Ten City "Devotion" (Dunn For Fun Mix)
12. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress "Git Cho House On (Children)" (MD BlackBall Main Mixx)
13. Dave + Sam featuring Mike Dunn "Til The World Blow Up" (Mike Dunn BlackBall Classic Soul Extended MixX)
14. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress "Feel The Muzik" (Mike Dunn's BlackBall Mixx)
15. Alan Dixon "Bless Me Today" (Mike Dunn BlackBall Praise MixX)
16. Mike Dunn presents MD III "Face The Nation"
17. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress "Na Na Na (I Walks With God)" (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx) 
18. MD X-Spress "Welcome 2Da Klub" (X-Otic Mixx)
19. Mike Dunn "Deep Lat'n Soul"
20. Murphy Jax featuring Mike Dunn "It's The Music" (Original Version)
21. Vicky Martin "Not Gonna Do It" (Mike Dunn Dub)
22. Mike Dunn "Dance You Mutha" (Original Mutha)
23. Mike Dunn presents The Disco Kidz "Tha Real Disco"
24. Mike Dunn presents 1 Phunky Brotha "Message In House" (MD Original Mix)
25. Mike Dunn "Magic Feet"
26. Mike Dunn "Now That You're Gone" (Vocal)
27. Mike Dunn "We Kan Never Be Satisfied" (MDz Anthem Mix)
28. Gershon Jackson "Huggin & A Luvin" (Mike Dunn Luvz Huggin U ReMixX)
29. Mike Dunn presents Tha RC Groove Project featuring Ron Carroll "Do You Believe" (Dunn's Believe U Me Mixx)
30. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress "This Here Is House Muzik" (Mike Dunn Main Vocal Mixx) 
31. Mike Dunn "Work"
32. Mike Dunn featuring Byron Stingily "Who Turned You Out"
33. Mike Dunn presents Da Track Dummies "Beat That Shit"
34. MD X-Spress "It's Anotha Groove"
35. Mike Dunn "Can You Feel It" (MD Vox MixX)
36. Mike Dunn presents Mr Phunky Mann "Deep N"Yo Soul" (Vocal MixX)
37. Mike Dunn presents Mr Phunky Mann "Let's Get It On" (Disco Vocal)
38. Mike Dunn presents Mr Phunky Mann "Oh Midnight"
39. Mike Dunn presents Sonic Boom Society featuring D.J. Shon Jackson "Work Da Groove" (MDZ You Go Boy Mix)
40. Mike Dunn presents The Jass Mann "Jass Yo Azz Off" (The Tribal X Mixx)

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