Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes by Deborah De Luca

Deborah De Luca's Deep Inside Me and Bella M'briana remixes by Dandi & Ugo and Raul Mezcolanza on the Sola_Mente Records is the complete package. Beautifully executed and leaving you wanting to hear more from Deborah De Luca.

Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes by Deborah De Luca. Photo by Claudio D'Avascio Photo by Claudio D'Avascio

"Deep Inside Me" and "Bella M'briana" are two unique tracks. A sound driving you through a trip within the depth of your soul and brings out a ton of emotions.

Now, these two tracks are being revisited by nonetheless than Dandi & Ugo and Raul Mezcolanza, bringing you into another sensorial dimension. Another awesome piece of work on Sola_Mente Records, that just leaves you wanting more and more.

Deborah De Luca - Deep Inside Me / Bella M'briana Remixes
Release Date December 2016
Label Sola_Mente Records

01. Deep Inside Me (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
02. Bella M'Briana (Raul Mezcolanza Remix)

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