(dark side of the) TRANSHUMAN AGENDA by Robotek Reagan

Robotek Reagan's superb run of form continues with another high concept and thought-provoking EP on his Void Space Institute outlet.

(dark side of the) TRANSHUMAN AGENDA by Robotek Reagan. Photo by Void Space Institute Photo by Void Space Institute

Reagan founded this label after going solo following work as one half of Superfreq duo Dance Spirit. It is a multi-media outlet that draws on years of playing at clubs like fabric London and festivals like Coachella, Desert Hearts, and Piknic Electronik. He is an artist with a hyperactive mind and hugely complex sound that draws on tech, IDM, electro, ambient, and so much more.

Part of my mind is wildly fascinated with the trappings of a science fiction universe I love reading about in a good sci-fi story. Are we the aliens we've been searching for? Will we nanoadapt ourselves into chimeric alien hybrid creatures and populate the universe, only to watch us destroy it and ourselves? Give me those LED nanoink tattoos and teleportation devices. Sprinkle a little side of Star Trek replicators and hyperspace travel, and it sounds wildly fantastical and exciting. But at what cost does this technology come, both on the soul, and the structure of the universe, as we proliferate through and devour that which brought us to life. Part of me wants to believe there's some way out of this cycle; do we live forever or do we die again and again? Or maybe it's both at the same time...
Robotek Reagan

With that in mind, the opening track "That Time I Nanoadapted Into A Cat God (And Now My Soul's Stuck In The Holomatrix Mix)" is a mind-expanding affair with glitchy claps, double-time techno drums, and spooky vocals pacing about the mix. It is hugely cinematic and adventurous. The second track is darker, with a skeletal rhythm pulling away beneath off-grid hits and claps, razor-sharp hi-hats, and pent-up energy that locks you in.

The equally compelling and complex "Escape From Lab 33 (Neverending Labyrinth of Hallways Mix)" is a techno exploration of the farthest reaches of our galaxy where shooting synths and twisted lasers flash about over a relentlessly rubbery groove. The fourth offering is a suspensory track with heavenly pads and glowing harmonies with a deeply buried jungle rhythm driving it forward beneath swirling vocal whispers. This most accomplished and leftfield EP closes with a more crisp and dynamic edit of "Sex, Drugs, & Cloned Embryos" with brain-cleansing chord sequences.

Robotek Reagan - (dark side of the) TRANSHUMAN AGENDA
Release Date July 2022
Label Void Space Institute

1. That Time I Nanoadapted Into A Cat God (And Now My Soul's Stuck In The Holomatrix Mix)
2. Rejected Cloned Body Parts Floating In The Sewer (Fishing For A New Kidney Mix)
3. Escape From Lab 33 (Neverending Labyrinth of Hallways Mix)
4. Sex, Drugs, & Cloned Embryos (Extended Implanting Your Æyther Core Crystal Mix)
5. Sex, Drugs, & Cloned Embryos (Beyond the Void Radio Edit)

Written by: Linda Peterson
Published: Jul 29, 2022 at 09:14