Danger by Volkoder

Hot Creations producer Volkoder returns to Repopulate Mars with a vocal two-track EP entitled Danger.

Apr 29, 2020 - 08:00
Danger by Volkoder
Photo by Repopulate Mars

Brazilian DJ, producer, and Repopulate Mars favorite Volkoder drops his first solo release of 2020 on the L.A. label following on from a storming year of playing across the globe and outputting a robust selection of club-focused cuts.

Having released on labels such as Dirtybird and Material, supported by the likes of Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, and Luciano, the São Paulo-based producer now makes full circle by heading back to Lee Foss' revered house imprint.

"Danger" opens with a warm bassline, shimmering cymbals, and tight kicks while enchanting lyrics and atmospheric strings give space and build tension before returning to a solid groove.

Next, "By My Side" takes a more emotive route with delicate keys, euphoric breaks, clean synths, and an innocent vocal line that offers a safe harbor feeling, contrasting to the darker percussion tones and sub-frequencies bubbling in the background.

Volkoder - Danger
Release Date
April 2020
Label Repopulate Mars

1. Danger (Original Mix)
2. By My Side (Original Mix)