Dance Again by Newem

Newem is an exciting new solo project from Sébastien Chenut. The artist best known as one half of Scratch Massive.

Dance Again by Newem Art by bORDEL Records
Endless Possibilities

Sébastien Chenut is known for composing lush soundtracks, making airy pop and spatial sounds for films and documentaries, whether solo or with Maud Geffray as Scratch Massive. Taken from Chenut's first album, "Synesthesia", this new single is due for release in September and features vocals from LA-based singer Baby Alpaca, who has notably worked with Turbotito on this label before now. 

The instantly catchy "Dance Again" is an icy minimal groove, an atmospheric piece of chilly synth music with 80's references, a robotic bassline, and nods to the brilliantly dour vocals of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan. It has melancholy minor notes and a real pain in the vocal, but as the subtle chords rise through the mix, they imbue you with a sense of hope and strength. 

"Dance Again" is an enthralling start, setting high expectations for the forthcoming full length later this year. 

Newem - Dance Again
Release Date June 2021
Label bORDEL Records

1. Dance Again 

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