Cut The Strings by Booka Shade

Ahead of their new album dropping early April Booka Shade offer up the title track, some alternate mixes and another cut as a single, set for release via their Blaufield imprint.

Cut The Strings by Booka Shade Photo by Blaufield Music

Booka Shade’s "Cut The Strings" LP is set for release on the 4th April 2018 and as we edge towards the full project being unveiled the duo shine light on the leading compositions to be found within the project, namely title-track "Cut The Strings" which features Danish vocalist Troels Abrahamsen, the lead singer of electronic rock band VETO who has collaborated with Kolsch on his 2012 hit "All That Matters" and Matthew Dear under his Audion guise for his 2014 Kompakt release "Dem Howl".

Across the single Blaufield offers up the original mix of the title track, featuring Booka Shade’s signature dreamy melodies, dance floor-driven drums, and dynamic bass alongside Abrahamsen’s emotive vocal stylings. "Karrera 18" then follows, a composition featured only on this single but a reinterpretation of the 2013 release of the same name which has regularly featured in the duos live show and sees Booka Shade embrace their darker side, employing dubby stab sequences, bubbling piano licks, hooky vocals, and tension building sweeps to create a peak-time workout.

The "Choir Only Mix" of "Cut The Strings" follows shining light on the moody atmospheric choir recordings used in the original composition.

Booka Shade - Cut The Strings
Release Date
16th March 2018
Label Blaufield

1. Cut The Strings feat. Troels Abrahamsen
2. Karrera 18
3. Cut The Strings feat. Troels Abrahamsen (Choir Only Mix)

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