Cuebur presents For Headz Only

For Headz Only is the debut artist album from Cuebur, one of South Africa's brightest house talents. Out in May on the Soul Heaven label.

Cuebur presents For Headz Only Photo by Soul Heaven Records
Endless Possibilities

At just 21 years old Cuebur has been turning heads with his unique and deeply soulful sound, so much so that his debut album For Headz Only was snapped up for release on the historic and recently revived Soul Heaven imprint.
Cuebur started his career as a child prodigy whose music had pervaded South Africa's clubs and dancefloors by the time he was just 15. Both a DJ and music producer from the outset, Cuebur’s sound could broadly be described as house - with the occasional foray into hip-hop - but his influences run far deeper than these base descriptions could ever suggest, as evidenced by the stunningly realised For Headz Only.
Although ostensibly an ‘electronic’ album, it is saturated with real-word sounds and organic elements that lend the LP a living, breathing aesthetic that is incredibly impressive in its scope. ‘Zviniota Chete’ ambitiously marries crisp, lively percussion and spoken word vocal chants with razor-sharp synths, while ‘I See You’, featuring the Grammy-nominated Vikter Duplaix, wraps a languid bed of synths around low bass thuds, resulting in a genuinely affecting house cut.
Also included on the album is the single ‘No Doubt’ alongside Marissa Guzman, released earlier this year on Defected Record with a Shlomi Aber remix, while further collaborations with BK, Charlene and Ms Seddy further reveal Cuebur’s passion for incorporating a wide variety of influences into his productions.
Although Cuebur’s music frequently graces the playlists of South Africa’s top radio stations, outside of his native territory he is relatively unknown. Following the release of For Headz Only you can expect to hear a lot more from Cuebur, regardless of where you live.

Cuebur - For Headz Only
Release date 18th May 2014
Label Soul Heaven

1. Cuebur featuring Vikter Duplaix ‘I See You’
2. Cuebur featuring BK ‘Miracles’
3. Cuebur featuring Marissa Guzman ‘No Doubt’
4. Cuebur featuring Poetic Love Child ‘Zvinoita Chete’
5. Cuebur featuring Charlene ‘Don't Let Him Get Away’
6. Cuebur featuring Ms Seddy ‘Everything Will Be Okay’
7. Cuebur & DJ Shimza ‘Asamoya’
8. Cuebur featuring Thandi Draai ‘Lost For Words’
9. Cuebur featuring Thandi Draai ‘My Baby’

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